Alicia Castaneda, Coach

About me? I’m a violinist turned bodybuilder turned sorcerer.

Becoming a Sorcerer: A Tale of Five Parts

Part I: The Dabbler

For the first twenty years of my life, I was a professional toe-dipper.  Sports, art, instruments…I picked things up with ease, drifting effortlessly from beginner to intermediate levels in anything I tried. As a young horseback rider (read: weird horse girl), I took home boxes of trophies, blue ribbons, and championship prizes. 

Although I can’t say I tried, I landed near the top of my class and in three honor societies. I graduated a year early solely so that I could slack off. When I finished high school, I was good at a dozen things and great at nothing. 

In stubborn avoidance of higher education, my first pursuit of expertise was in horseback riding, but I quit before I reached a truly competitive level. Further than ever from finding a path, I returned to college to major in fine arts, then math, then accounting. The path eluded me. 

Part II: In Passion We Play

The summer before my first semester in accounting began, I held a violin for the first time. I felt an immediate connection and purpose, and changed majors for the last time. The more I played, the more I fell in love with the sound of the instrument, the history, the vibrations that lit up my collarbone, the curves of its body and delicately flamed wood.

More importantly, I had a teacher that taught me the importance of efficient practice and consistency, and saw me through the highs and lows of the path to mastery. With her help, I finished an AAS and a BA in music, attained seats in professional orchestras, and five years later began accepting students of my own. 

Part III: The Heartbroken

With a stroke of good timing after a cross country move, I was hired in one of the largest violin shops in America. I acted as a matchmaker, pairing eager players with their next great loves. Sigh. Sales. I worked in sales. 

What started out as a dream job became a crushing reality. Between violin sales and teaching, my working hours meant I played a fraction of the time I wanted to, and I couldn’t help but feel a burning jealousy of every professional player that entered the store. 

To be surrounded by those hundreds of instruments for hours each day opened a crack in my heart. I tried to patch it by telling myself I was still in the music industry, I was still a musician, but I felt my soul slowly leaking out. 

Part IV: Standing Naked in Front of Strangers

In an effort to take control of my health and body by losing weight and exercising, I decided to compete in a bikini-class bodybuilding competition (because why couldn’t I just go on a diet?). Working with a coach online and delving into the fitness world piqued my interest, and I sought out more and more information on training and nutrition. 

After the competition, friends sought out advice on their own transformations, and doling out my newly acquired knowledge sparked a new idea. A year later, realizing I had hit my ceiling at the violin shop, and desiring nothing more than to be able to play again, I quit my job to work as an online fitness coach and travel the world.

Part V: Sorcerous Ways

Coaching people online turned out to be a natural fit, and I’ve since helped hundreds of clients lose weight, using my own blend of science and psychological manipulation (hey, the ethical kind). 

Getting here was, at times, like clawing my way out of a mudpit during a thunderstorm, and building a business proved to be the greatest challenge yet.

Now, safely out of the pit and alongside fellow sorcerer Alex Mullan, I’m teaching the skills necessary for others to create their own unfair advantages, cultivate a sorcerous mindset, develop unwavering consistency, forge their own paths, and earn their freedom as I have mine. 


What I'm doing now

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