How to Eat Better WITHOUT Living Out of Tupperware

I walked into my apartment and before I could even throw down my bags I smelled danger: my roommates had ordered pizza. And I was tired and hungry after a long day of work followed by a trip to the gym on the way home. 

I declined their offer to share in the ecstasy of a greasy deep dish because five days earlier, I had prepared what was already destined to be my dinner that night: chicken, veggies, and rice. Hooray. 

My stomach was more desperate than my taste buds at that point, so I didn’t even bother heating or cutting it up. And that’s how I became the butt of a Snapchat story that night. 

 My friends were all eating pizza so I got snapped for having straight up chicken breast.  #proteinqueen  

My friends were all eating pizza so I got snapped for having straight up chicken breast. #proteinqueen 

Meal prep can be an incredibly useful timesaver and nutritional tool. But few people have the patience to spend 2-3 hours on Sundays cooking and weighing all their meals, or the stomach to eat all their food out of tupperware. 

Even at the height of my bodybuilding prep, I still preferred to make breakfast each morning rather than a prepared meal. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed about trying meal prep, or just hate the idea of never eating a freshly cooked plate of food again, here are a few alternatives: 

  • Prepare meals for 3-5 days instead of a full week. 
  • Only prepare 1-2 meals per day instead of a full day’s worth. (I still never prep my breakfast in advance.) 
  • Prep the majority of your meals, but plan to grab something different for a few meals per week or save quick and easy meals for the day of
  • Prep the things that will take the longest in advance, and add in the rest as you go 

If you find something else that works for you, let me know. I'm always tweaking things in my own nutrition and love to hear new ideas.