My DTF List

Have you ever had a day off where you plan on doing all the thingscleaning, working on personal projects, going out to do something funand then when 2 pm rolls around, you look up from Facebook and decide you should probably get dressed? Yeah...I may or may not know those days well. 

So I had a lot of trepidation starting my own business because I worried that I would fall into the trap of every day looking like that. (Side note: I haven't, and I love working for myself.) 

But the thing that has saved me has been getting really good at prioritizing.

I love lists. I have lists of lists. But the mother of all lists is my to-do list. I affectionately call it my STD list, or shit-to-do list. It's long, and it can get overwhelming.

So, every Monday, I pick 3 big tasks I want to accomplish that week, and aim to get them done by Friday. Each day, when I go through my STD list, I star the most important tasks, ones that have an impending deadline, or that someone is waiting for a reply on. 

These weekly priorities and daily starred tasks make up my DTF list, or do-this-first list. So I know exactly what to do when it's business time. 

Got any of your own "productivity hacks"? (I immediately hate myself for saying that.) I'd love to hear about them. Hit reply back and let me know.

P.S. Speaking of priorities, I added a new page to my website, Now. It's a quick way to stay caught up with me, to see what's happening now and what's in the works! It's inspired by Derek Sivers, who created the first /now page, and describes it as "a public declaration of priorities." Derek even has a whole website that includes the profiles of everyone who has a /now page: