Too Busy to Work Out?

How would you answer the question, “How are you?” Most likely, you'd say good, great, fine, or okay. But if the first thing that comes to mind is “busy,” then we have something in common.  

True story: I used to pack my schedule so full that after a first date this poor guy asked me when we could go out again, and I told him I could probably pencil him in in two weeks.

I also put off going to the gym for years because I thought I didn’t have time. The bad news is: I was (you are) simply worse than you think at prioritizing. The good news is: I could (you can) fix it. 

A typical day used to start with me getting to work early so I could practice violin. I would work for a few hours, scarf down some lunch and then practice for the rest of my lunch break. After working for a few more hours, I’d teach a violin lesson or two, and then if I didn’t have a rehearsal I’d get home, eat dinner, practice some more, and end my night by reading a book. 

Eventually I managed to pack my schedule even fuller, adding meditation, teaching myself Chinese, reading in the morning as well as at night, and training for a bodybuilding competition, which meant working out twice a day, five days a week. (Now you shouldn't be surprised why it used to take me weeks to find time to go on a date.) 

So what does your schedule look like now? Think you can’t find time work out? I’ve freed myself up since those days I described, and to prove it, I want to give you the opportunity to schedule a complimentary call with me to talk about exactly how I found time to fit fitness into my busy schedule, and to show you how to custom-fit that formula to you

Just fill out the quick form below and we’ll hook it up. Unless you’re too busy to talk. Then you’ve got serious problems. In that case, sorry your schedule sucks so bad, I’ll just email you my guide.

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