Selecting the Right Program

Have you ever gone to a really cold body of water, whether it was a lake, a river, a pool, or the beach? And then you stood in front of the water for a while, and put your foot in and pulled it right back out. Then maybe you went in up to your knees and tried to ease in slowly, and nope, back out again. Finally you jumped in—or maybe you got pushed—and it felt like you were in shock for a minute or so until you got used to it and then it felt AMAZING! 

That was how I started going to the gym. I thought about it for a while but it seemed too intimidating. I didn’t know what to do there. Finally I got a membership, but I would only run on the treadmills. Then a friend showed me a few exercises with dumbbells. So I did those same things every time I went to the gym—whenever I felt like going to the gym, that is.

I still didn’t really know what I was doing or why I was doing it. I was clueless as to how to get the results I wanted. I didn’t know what a program was, what the advantages and disadvantages of cardio vs. weight training were, what muscles I was working out, how to progress, how to diet effectively, or anything else. 

Finally, I jumped in. I signed up with an online fitness coach who told me exactly what to do—what exercises on which days and how often, and how to diet effectively. I would have thought he was a fucking magician, except he told me WHY we did everything in a certain way. No magic, although I thought up until that point losing weight was impossible. 

For years I thought all I had to do was be consistent. And that’s true, but that’s only half the battle. I was going to the gym, but I was essentially fucking around. Eventually, when I became aware of different programs, I didn’t know which one to choose. So I wasn’t progressing, I was just constantly spinning my wheels.

If you have the drive, but you’re lacking the know-how, I want to help you. I would love to just point you to some random program and say, “try that one!” but in good conscience, I can’t. Rather than put you in a one-size-fits-all bucket, I want to offer you the chance to find out what the best possible fit for you looks like—free. Punch in your email below to get started with a free fitness consultation. I can’t wait to show you the path to success.