I Moved to Thailand

Just a few days ago, I moved to Thailand. The word moved is debatable because I will only be here for a month, but, I'll be living in Southeast Asia for about three months. Normally I would only consider a longer stay to count as having lived in an area, but since I don’t have a home in America anymore, where I am is where I live. 

I’m documenting my travels on a daily basis on my YouTube channel. The first two installments are already up. I’ll link the first one below. 

So what am I doing here? My main focus right now is work, i.e. online fitness coaching. Since I can do that anywhere, and since I have wanted to travel my whole life, I’m doing that now. I’m traveling with a friend and fellow bodybuilder while he preps for a competition. Although I’m not currently training for my next competition, that is, I don’t have a date in mind, I’m still dieting and hitting the gym.

Why Thailand? I’ve never been to Asia, and up until recently, had never even really considered traveling here. But, I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth recently by stepping out of my comfort zone again and again, and I was looking for an area where I’d get a culture shock. Also, I love the beach.

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