If You Hate Exercising, Try This

My first foray into the gym consisted of me walking in, making a beeline for the treadmill, and spending an hour watching over my kingdom like a majestic, sweaty Simba. 

After a few months of the same boring routine, a friend showed me some simple dumbbell exercises and my transformation from cardio bunny to iron maiden began. 

Within the realm of weight training, I’ve found styles that I love and styles that I hate. Even after years of getting solidly settled in a fitness habit, there have been programs that made me want to quit going.  

What does staying fit mean to you? Does it mean going to the gym for pilates classes, bodybuilding, running on the treadmill, spin classes, lifting heavy weights, doing circuits on the machines? Maybe it means riding your bike with friends, playing volleyball, doing workouts at home, or hiking on the weekend. 

And more importantly, have you found something you like doing? 

One of the “tricks” to maintaining consistency with my workouts that it took me years to learn is not to force yourself to train in a style that you hate. Saying the phrase “consistency is key” is easy enough. Figuring out how to do it is a whole other animal. 

If you hate lifting weights but you love jazzercise, if you hate cardio but you love powerlifting, or if you really can’t see yourself going to the gym enough but you’re happy doing bodyweight workouts at home…maybe it’s time to change up your routine. 

If you’re looking to improve your general health and fitness, or to lose weight, there are many roads to reach those goals. (If you’re looking to run a marathon, powerlifting or zumba might not be the best choices, but for the rest of us, we have options.)

The easiest way to get into a routine is to find something that you actually like. 

That’s why my clients never get cookie-cutter programs. I tailor them to not only fit their goals and their schedules, but their exercise preferences as well. I believe the “best” program is the one that gets you moving consistently.  

If it’s time to change up your exercise routine, email me for a free fitness consultation: info@ritualcoaching.com