The Ritual Coaching Manifesto

These are the philosophies and beliefs I hold that drive everything I do:

  • Your health comes first.
  • I believe there is no one magic diet or exercise routine that will work for everyone. It’s important for each individual to have customized plans that fit their tastes and needs.
  • I believe your thoughts are powerful enough to create both a new identity and reality for yourself. Once you change your thoughts, your actions will follow, and once you change your actions, your body will begin to change
  • I believe in redefining the word “diet.” “On” a diet suggests all or nothing. Make adjustments TO your diet instead of putting yourself ON a diet.
  • I believe self-compassion is a necessary component of making any kind of meaningful transformation. 
  • I do not believe in using detoxes, cleanses, pills, wraps, teas, or crash diets. Not only are those products a waste of time, they can be harmful. When you’ve spent years spinning your wheels, making yourself miserable, and yo-yoing, you lose faith that you’ll ever be able to lose weight. They promote unhealthy eating habits, and can lead to different types of disordered eating.
  • I do not believe you should have to rely on a coach forever. The best coaches will teach you how to reach your goals independently. To learn not only how to lose weight without rebounding, but how to stay consistent when your motivation is down, how to get back on track after a break in your routine, and all of the tools you'll need to reach your goals beyond the time we work together.
  • I do not believe your success depends on motivation or discipline. Motivation is only temporary, and I instead teach skills to stick to your new habits when you feel de-motivated. Discipline is a skill, and can be improved, but more importantly, understanding the trade-offs of your decisions when it comes to your health means you can rely on your intrinsic values rather than willpower. 

Alicia Castaneda, Coach

I'm a violinist, competitive bodybuilder, and fitness coach. I play five instruments, speak four languages, and I'm passionate about learning and teaching others.

What I'm doing now

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Online Fitness Coaching

All of Ritual Coaching's programs are entirely online and can be completed anywhere in the world. Online fitness coaching includes customized training programs designed to fit your goals, regular check-ins and updates, and fast-response email and text support. All of the programs are built with independence in mind, so not only are you learning new skills, you are learning the process of how to teach yourself along the way—how to ingrain the practice of anything into your life by designing your own daily rituals. 



"I came to Alicia several months ago in a state of desperation. I had been lifting weights and using the treadmill multiple times a week. I was sure that the my 1.5-hour workouts, and the tired/sore sensation I felt afterward, would transform me into Ryan Gosling. But all that hard work did not pay off. In fact, all that hard work wouldn’t matter at all if I wasn’t working out the right way. That’s what Alicia taught me. And to eat strategically (and no, I don’t mean strict dieting).

That initial revelation was key, but it is through Alicia’s quality teaching and support that I am beginning to see the elusive results I’ve been searching for. Throughout my experience, Alicia has worked closely with me to design a personalized training and nutrition plan that is both realistic (yes, I can drink beer) and results driven (maybe I’ll never look like Ryan Gosling, but I can try).

She answered all of my stupid questions. She taught me the proper squat form. She even helped me devise an impromptu nutrition plan for a hedonistic wedding weekend.

Alicia is knowledgeable, attentive, caring and non-judgmental—all the things you would want in a trainer."


"I initially approached Alicia because I had fallen off the fitness wagon. I was wanting to resume an exercise routine. Prior to working with her, I was an avid runner and Pilates enthusiast. For more than three years I religiously maintained a routine of the two, until about a year ago I slowly stopped for no overt reason. After some time without this routine, I felt like my quality of life was lessened. I was moodier, felt more stressed than ever before and just felt unhappy. But since I'd abandoned my routine, it felt impossible to get back.

So after taking the plunge, I suddenly found myself stronger and running faster than ever with the combination of weight lifting and running. With only three months of training behind me, I have found that I can run longer distances stronger and fast than I ever could before. 

Alicia's detailed plans and encouraging [remote] meetings got me back into workout mode and got me back into running shape.

Also, I think one of the most important lessons I took away from strength training was the idea of pacing and recovery, something I had never done before, but something that I found was applicable not just to lifting but to running and to playing cello.

Alicia's coaching taught me that you have to pace yourself to go further. Once you learn to listen to yourself and your body, there are no limits."

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