I used to be plagued by nasty habits of quitting my goals, leaving projects unfinished, and lying awake at night stewing on my unfulfilled dreams because I was PARALYZED by my laziness and an utter drought of motivation.

Until one day I made the discovery that changed everything…

Rock bottom isn’t a place you stumble into. It’s a long, slow descent into hell—at least it was for me.

I spent years wondering why I had such a hard time breaking bad habits. I couldn’t stick to anything I tried. I often felt like a hurricane blew through my life, leaving unfinished projects and unfulfilled dreams in its wake. In the wreckage were my half-assed attempts to lose weight or save money, relationships turned toxic, failed attempts to stick to learning languages or instruments, and dropped college classes. 

I felt like I was smart, but I couldn’t figure out how to be consistent. It drove me nuts because I felt ambitious. I wanted to accomplish so much, and I had so much energy when I started something new, but then I’d lose all motivation and become paralyzed by my own laziness. I just kept giving up.

I’d lie in bed at night and ask myself, “Why can’t I figure things out? Why am I such a failure?” I felt frustrated, confused, and deeply ashamed.

You might have experienced this in your past, too.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so anxious and depressed—and why it was getting worse.

Until the year I hit rock bottom. 

I fell in and out of depressive episodes for over 20 years, but it wasn’t until after I had my worst episode of severe depression—to the point where I couldn’t reliably shower or cook food and I didn’t leave my house for weeks at a time—that I realized what was at the root of all my problems. 

I’d spent over two decades blaming my life and my brain chemistry. But it was neither of those things.

It was me.

I was at fault.

I had created the mess I was in.

I had neglected my mindset. And it was my downfall.

When I realized how deeply my thoughts were impacting my mental landscape and the effect they were having on my life, I began what would become years of ongoing research on how to turn things around.

The answers I found allowed me to take charge not only of my mental health, but of my physical health. Which in turn has allowed me to build a fulfilling business, a healthy relationship, and to go from digging myself into debt to amassing savings by developing the resilience I always wished for, because I no longer struggle with consistency or finding motivation when it comes to bettering my mind, body, and life.

The mindset I have today is one that allows me to live with drastically lower stress and anxiety, a consistently better mood, and the confidence that I will actually fulfill any goal that I set for myself. I don’t melt into an anxious puddle on the floor when I see a full email inbox. I smile and laugh more than I ever have. And I don’t quit on my goals after two weeks or a single setback anymore.


Hi, I’m Alicia.

And I’m telling you this story because I want to save you from falling any further.

My problem wasn’t that I didn’t try to improve myself. It was that I spent years reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and hanging out in forums...but the self-help and personal development information I received was so scattered it was like trying to make sense of the pieces from a dozen different puzzles at the same time. 

Each of the puzzle pieces I held were different pieces of advice I learned from all the books, articles, or videos I watched. But I had no clue what to do with them, because the majority of the time I’d learn what was wrong but not how to fix it.

Rarely did I find actionable advice. Not only did I have the pieces of a dozen different puzzles, I had no picture to use as a reference.

When you think about all the things you’ve learned about your personal development up to this point, do you feel like you’ve had an easy time making sense of everything? Or do you feel like you’re working on the same impossible puzzle that I was?

Here’s what used to happen to me: when I found good advice I’d fizzle out after a few weeks because I had trouble holding myself responsible to keep going.

After quitting two weeks after beginning any new project or working towards the same goal for the fiftieth time, I realized that what I so desperately needed was help making sense of this sea of information and someone to hold me accountable to changing.


Everybody wants to be confident and stick to their goals... 

But our current culture is beating down your ability to live up to your potential because you’re being taught unhealthy values.

Are you ready to step away from these harmful and toxic societal effects?


Despite the wealth of modern comforts we’re privileged with and the amount of information at our fingertips, Americans are the fattest, most depressed, in-debt, medicated, and addicted we have ever been.

What gives? Well, take a look at what values our society is subtly promoting... 

  • Advertising, media, and social media dig into your insecurities, tapping into your well of self-consciousness and self-doubt, leaving you fearful of vulnerability and authenticity.

  • Teachers and coaches prize talent, intelligence, and ease rather than effort, persistence, and resilience, leaving you feeling like a failure if you’re not a “natural.”

  • Perfection is seen as an achievable goal and is never shown for what it really is: striving for approval rather than excellence. 

  • Numbing yourself (with food, alcohol, tv, social media, work, etc.) becomes such a common occurrence that you often don’t even realize you’re doing it. Sitting with your own thoughts and emotions feels excruciatingly painful and foreign.

  • Both men and women are held to impossibly high standards for their bodies, leading many to feel ashamed, and to prioritize changing their body over their health or their relationship with food or themselves. 

  • You’re encouraged to compete and compare yourself to others, so you never feel good enough. You’re led to believe the way you look isn’t good enough, your work isn’t good enough, you’re not doing enough at home, you’re not spending enough time with your partner, or your friends, you don’t call your family enough, you’re not making enough money, you’re not in good enough shape...

  • Busyness becomes a bragging right and exhaustion and anxiety are so common now they’re seen as normal. Accomplishments are used to cover up feelings of unworthiness and to soothe feelings of unease instead of cultivating rest, play, and joyful activities.

Does any of that sound familiar to you?

I’ll be completely honest with you, I was a victim of each and every one of the toxic “values” on that list. Unfortunately, striving to fulfill those values led me to experience an overwhelming amount of hopelessness, fear, blame, pain, discomfort, inauthenticity, and disconnection.

No wonder it’s so hard to uncover purpose, meaning, and fulfillment when you feel like you’re swimming upstream in order to achieve them.

Going against society’s sick values is practically counter-culture and people tend to give you weird looks when you talk about doing anything other than what I described above. 

But the thing I want you to take away from this today is that these values are putting a chokehold on your ability to live the life you want, and to become the person that you want to be.

Having now been on both sides of the coin, I’m speaking entirely from my experience.


I guess you can call me a rebel because self-consciousness, self-doubt, numbing, perfection, comparison, and busyness is NOT the life for me.

Instead, I focus on cultivating and teaching vulnerability, authenticity, effort, persistence, courage, resilience, mindfulness, gratitude, connection, flow, and grit.

You could say that I’m a non-conformist in the sense that I don’t participate in society’s diseased game anymore, which is dividing and pitting us against each other in a competition you can never win.

And it has paid off in ways I could not have even imagined when I started this journey.

When my personal development journey first began, I wanted to learn how to get better at things so that other people would like me. I was still “sick” with the unhealthy value and belief that my worth was based on the opinions of others. I felt lonely and disconnected because I lacked self-worth which caused my relationships with friends and partners alike to suffer.

12052388_10206316825652205_527201695264961869_o (1).jpg

I wanted to learn how to be gritty.

In practicing the skills of motivation and resilience, I stumbled upon my life’s passion, playing the violin, and a hobby that turned into meaningful work: bodybuilding, which led to fitness and nutrition coaching, which has now led to mindset coaching.

I thought that with self-improvement I would simply become happier, but I instead I learned how to lean into discomfort, minimize my stress and anxiety, and cultivate more gratitude and joy in my day-to-day life. 

I no longer run away from things that are hard, whether it’s a gym session I don’t want to attend or a conversation I don’t want to have, so I feel more accomplished and productive. On a day to day basis, I enjoy more of the things that I do (even work!) and my baseline happiness is higher than it’s ever been.


I thought I had the right mindset for years because I “believed in myself.” 

But that advice sent me straight down a dead-end road, and I was never able to achieve my goals, make progress, or overcome challenges.


When I was young, all anyone told me was that I needed to believe in myself. I’m sure you’ve heard that too.

So I did. I believed in myself. My parents and teachers told me I could do anything and be anything I wanted. And with that “knowledge,” I set out to fulfill my dreams.


Well, believing in myself left me socially alienated, living out of my car with three maxed out credit cards, and hating myself. It turned out intelligence, talent, and self-belief weren’t enough, for reasons I now find obvious…

I lacked consistency, courage, and resilience. And without those traits, I didn’t and would never have achieved anything.

Luckily, I learned that the problem was me. The problem was my mindset. With the wrong mindset, I was left marinating in a poisonous stew of self-loathing, confusion, and regret.

When I say luckily, I mean it. I feel lucky that I’ve discovered how to change my mindset on a fundamental level while still in my 30s. 

There’s a reason that no one has it figured out at a young age, and that’s because the information you need to make actionable changes is so scattered that it can easily take a decade or more to put all the pieces together.

To go back to my puzzle analogy, when you take advice from so many different sources, it’s like being handed a box of puzzle pieces to sift through...but the pieces in that box are from 12 different puzzles.

Now imagine that on top of sitting down with your box of 12 puzzles, you don’t have a reference picture for a single one. Good luck with that.

So yes, I feel lucky. I feel luckiest of all that I stumbled on the right coaches to learn from—not just books, articles, or my parents, who told me I would be able to accomplish anything because I was smart and I believed in myself. 

I’m not saying self-belief is wrong. What I’m saying is I didn’t realize that’s not all it took. I was missing every key aspect of my mindset that would have led to my earlier success.

I didn’t know what a challenge mindset was or how it could make me more resilient.

I didn’t know how to get unstuck from my pessimistic mindset and into an optimistic mindset.

I didn’t know how my fixed mindset was subconsciously sabotaging me or how much further I could get with a growth mindset

And even if I did know about these mindsets back then, I would have had no instructions on how to cultivate them myself, and no one to guide me through the process.

That’s why after spending over ten years sorting through heaps of information, being a human guinea pig to figure out what it really takes to shift your mindset, and testing out my ideas on clients, I’ve now designed the coaching experience that would have saved me years of struggle.

It’s been hard to sit on this idea for as long as I have, because I knew immediately how valuable what I had was to share, but I wanted to make sure what I created was not only thorough and well-researched but effective.

My excitement to get this out into the world has been building for MONTHS.

And I’m finally ready to reveal the coaching experience I wish was around when I was still struggling.


Mindset Mastery

A 16-week program for developing the mindset you need to be consistent, courageous, and resilient in your day-to-day life so you can achieve every goal you set and finally realize your potential

Mindset Mastery is a 16-week guided coaching course. That means for 16 weeks, we’ll cover a different aspect of developing your mindset. Each week, you’ll receive reading material on each mindset topic, complete exercises to put the concepts into practice, have the support and interaction of a group within a private forum, and most importantly, each week, we’ll have a one-on-one coaching call.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:

  • The 5 ingredients in the secret sauce of motivation (motivational quotes have nothing on this recipe—you’ll want to pass this one down to your great-great-grandkids)

  • What kind of goals you should NEVER set (and how setting the wrong kind of goal from the outset guarantees you’ll fall flat on your face)

  • How to activate an impenetrable “shield” to protect yourself from burnout (it’s one you’d never expect but you’ll groan at how obvious the answer is when you hear it)

  • The logic behind why I encourage all of my clients to think about failure—and the exercise that can reliably prevent it from happening

  • Why some people experience debilitating PTSD after a trauma and others grow stronger—and how you can use those same lessons to change your life

  • The 15 EXACT skills it takes to be resilient (everyone talks about it but no one tells you what you need to do)

Maybe consistency, courage, and resilience mean you can:

  • Finally finish that certificate you started two years ago

  • Start a supplementary program for customer education at work

  • Go back to school for your Master’s degree (and finish it)

  • Save your relationship by having tough conversations with your partner

  • Find the motivation to pick up your guitar at the end of the day rather than defaulting to Netflix

If you’re ready to finally quit quitting and start sticking to your goals, keep reading to find out if Mindset Mastery is a good fit for you.


Confidence, consistency, and resilience

are NOT traits that you are born with…

...they’re ones that you develop.

And I can show you how to build them in the next 16 weeks

I feel like I’m on turbo with my physical body — keeping up with my desires in this area to be vibrant, healthy, sexy, strong, lean. And it continues, and it permeates other areas of my life. Mindset is so key. Dare I say, it’s everything.
— Jean P.

Here’s one of my unpopular opinions: 

Despite their name, self-help books aren’t very helpful. 

I say that as a self-professed self-help junkie who has devoured dozens of these books. I’ve learned a lot from them. And I noticed most of them have a glaring omission that renders them useless.

For as good as self-help books are at explaining your problems they’re horrible at telling you how to actually change or improve.

What happens in most cases is that you finish a book and say, “Wow! That was great. It really opened my eyes.” Maybe you even recommend it to a friend. And then you go about your life, doing the same things you did before you read the book, because nothing in that book showed you how to change.

Appreciating the words in a book is not enough. Often, not taking action on the lessons is not your fault. It’s HARD to read a book, absorb its message, design a plan of action, and then implement it.

But when you don’t know what to do or how to do it, you’re not any better off than you were before. Knowledge without action is worthless.

It’s even more frustrating to know what things could be like, or to hear stories of how others have changed (like the author) but to not know what steps to take to get those results for yourself.

That’s why I didn’t write a book. I designed Mindset Mastery because coaching—that is, leading others to action—is far more important to me than having millions of people read the words I write but not acting on them. Actions get results.

When you develop a mindset that reduces stress and anxiety, you can handle any workload calmly, feel more connected to the people around you because you’re not acting reactively, and fall asleep at night without feeling consumed by your worries and fears.

When your mindset teaches you courage, you can walk straight into fear, know that you’ll accomplish whatever you set out to, and be a role model—someone that people look up to and admire.


When you have a mindset that promotes consistency and resilience, you can finally achieve your goals, provide comfortably for yourself and others, and feel a deep sense of pride in your actions and accomplishments.


Beware of snake oil mindset coaches


There’s an alarming problem emerging in the world of mindset coaching that’s reminiscent of diet culture.

Think about how difficult it is to find good weight loss advice. It’s all quick fixes, detoxes, pills, teas, wraps, restrictive diets, complex diets, fasting, cleanses, no this, no that…What’s happening is, at best, “experts” are simply sharing the only things they know, and at worst, you’re a source of profit to them with no regard for your health or results.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to see the same patterns in the world of mindset coaching.

When I began looking into what other mindset coaches offer, I soon discovered the majority of individuals in this emerging space are relying on pseudoscientific methods and unproven information to attempt to elicit change—not only that, they’re calling themselves certified in these methods, which gives off the false impression they work.

This is horrifying to me. It’s the diet industry all over again.

Where will we be in another ten or twenty years if these are the tactics that spread like wildfire, because they have fancy names and promise quick results?

I’ll tell you—you’ll have a self-proclaimed “mindset expert” selling you a 30-day transformation full of ineffective methods—but they’ll have your money, so getting you real results won’t matter because they’ll already be focused on selling to the next round of clients. You’ll feel worse about yourself at the end because you won’t make any changes and you’ll blame yourself.

When I wanted to lose weight, I felt trapped and helpless in my body, failing to make changes for over a decade. I needed reliable, evidence-based information, and what I found instead was “professionals” that preyed on people like me who were desperate for quick results in order to make money off their pills, shakes, and books.

That’s unacceptable in any industry. It’s unethical and shameful.

That’s why the information and exercises that I use as the basis for Mindset Mastery are all backed up by scientific studies. My methods are proven to work, and I refuse to let anyone waste their time on garbage that will leave you guessing as to whether or not you’ll get results or to offer you results that you can’t sustain permanently.

Here’s what happened when Tracy realized the changes she was making would be long-term:

When I began I was scared, nervous, unsure. One of the things that has shifted my “I can’ts” to “I cans” has been your constant positivity and the example you set for me.

You have helped me to see that nothing is linear, but is something that we have to practice and learn to do. Now I realize that there’s no finish line. This is what I want and this is what I am working for, every day.
— Tracy M.

If you want to use evidence-based methods to change your mindset and leave the pseudoscience to the quack coaches, read on to see how Mindset Mastery can help you achieve your goals.


Achieving your goals is NOT a matter of your willpower. Here’s what really matters:


One of the biggest myths that people fall for when it comes to personal development is thinking that you need to strengthen your willpower in order to achieve success. We falsely believe that high achievers are the ones with the most discipline and self-control.

But this is not the case.

Willpower is NOT about how much self-control you are born with. It’s about how much control you exert over your environment. 

Controlling your environment, which you’ll learn about more in-depth inside Mindset Mastery, essentially means changing various triggers around you that might influence you to perform a specific behavior. These triggers could be location, time, emotional state, people around you, a preceding action, or present activity. 

Here's why your environment is more important than you think:

Individuals with high self-control are not actually better at saying no to temptations, they are better at avoiding them.

Meaning: whether or not you succeed at behavior change does NOT depend on how much willpower you have; it depends on how skillful you are at changing your environment.

Controlling your environment is one of the core skills you will learn in Mindset Mastery. We’ll talk about and practice:

  • How to streamline your good habits so they feel like second nature

  • How to use your existing inborn strengths to increase your willpower

  • Becoming a tricksy hobbit: I’m going to show you my favorite sneaky ways for making it easier to break your bad habits

  • Never be without a backup plan: what to do when you can’t control your environment and all hope seems lost

  • Changing your mindset around failure so that you’re less likely to self-sabotage or keep repeating the same mistakes  

Some common examples of controlling your environment are: keeping junk food out of your house, setting up automatic deposits into a savings account, or setting up a website blocker during certain hours on your browser.

I’ll also tell you right now that if your environment doesn’t include a coach, you can’t expect to achieve what you would with one.

Check out some of the changes you can make when you choose to work with a coach:

It was one of the first times I looked at things I was working on in such a holistic way. Ever since, the mindset I make my goals from is so different.

I am proud of my body. It changes and grows based on where I’m focusing my time and tells me when I need to shift that focus. That is so amazing. I never could have seen that from the mindset I was in before working with Alicia. If you have the chance to work with her lean in, stay open, and be ready for an incredible new chapter in your personal growth.
— Casey H.

At this point you’re probably thinking, “This sounds amazing! But how much does it cost?” 

Fair enough. Honestly, I used to be the person who would see a course or program like this and scroll right to the bottom so I could see how much I was going to be asked to part with without bothering to read about whether or not I was in the right place.

So, if you’ve read this far, kudos to you for taking the time to read and think about whether or not Mindset Mastery is a good fit for you.

If you’re leaning towards “yes”, here’s what you’re looking at:

Mindset Mastery is 16 weeks long, billed at $327 every four weeks. (If you REALLY hate math, that’s four payments of $327.)

Between all of the books I’ve bought and read but been unable to implement, along with all of the “quick fix” solutions I tried, I’ve spent THOUSANDS on my self-development and quest for answers.

And the irony here is that it wasn’t until I STOPPED turning to these sources and began doing my own research that I was able to make progress.

So, if Mindset Mastery seems expensive, think of it as a way to shortcut the journey that took me over a decade into a short 16 weeks; it’s a fraction of the cost of what you’d spend during that decade.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join Mindset Mastery:

  • A private, 60-minute video call once each week (the accountability and motivation you’ll get from this alone is unbelievable)

  • Lifetime access to the Mindset Mastery portal and materials containing detailed explanations of every mindset principle you’re going to learn (think of these like books in your collection you’ll always be able to refer back to)

  • Weekly Quests to practice each concept we cover (this is where the magic is: in the actions you take)

  • Access to a private forum only for Mindset Mastery students (connection is a HUGE component of motivation and accountability)

  • Unlimited email and text access to me (you never have to wait on the answer to an important question)

  • FREE access to any future modules that are added to the course (you can continue bolstering your mindset for years to come with these)

Look, if you’re struggling to hit your goals, worried that you’re not living up to your potential, and wondering why you can never seem to stick things, you have two options at this point: 

  1. You can hit the books and see if you can beat my record of finding out what it takes to change your mindset in 12 years.


  2. You can sign up for Mindset Mastery, where I can tell you what it takes to be courageous, consistent, and resilient, and guide you to the finish line.

You’ll notice that I don’t have a sign-up button anywhere on this page, and trust me, it’s intentional. Instead, I want to hop on a quick call with you to hear about what you want to work on and see if Mindset Mastery really is the best fit for you. 


I’m not here to tell you this is for everyone, take your money, and waste your time.

Likewise, there’s no obligation on your end. I just want you to make sure you’re clear on what you’re getting into before you commit.


You can control your chronic stress and anxiety by using your mindset to create or eliminate them.


Are you sitting down? This one might be tough to take...

It’s not your life that’s making you so stressed out you want to crawl under the bed and hide until things blow over or making you so anxious that you want to crawl out of your skin. 

It’s your thoughts. Your mental landscape. Your mindset.

If you’re a human, you’re going to run into problems throughout your life. You’re going to experience setbacks, disagreements, disappointments, and you’re going to have to deal with people whose behavior you can’t control.  

But depending on your mindset, what happens to you can either make you feel frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed with what’s going on in your life, or it can help you accept things as they are, and take the necessary actions to change what you can.

You have the power to choose what you think and feel, and if you focus on what you can’t control and what drives you up the wall, you’re going to walk around with your blood perpetually boiling. 

What’s more, your laser-like focus on what’s wrong will blind you from seeing what action you can take to move forward. You’ll be tying your own hands behind your back, leaving yourself to stew in your rage, or paralyzed with anxiety.


When you take control over your mindset, even if you continue experiencing the same stressors, you’ll have the power to react to them differently, lowering your overall levels of stress and anxiety.

What would your life look like if you didn’t have any more meltdowns when you have an overwhelming amount of work to do, stopped losing your temper or snapping at your kids or spouse, and never the panic button anymore?

2019 has been insane for me and Alicia has played a huge role in keeping me grounded and focused on what I can control, rather than stressing about what I can’t. She’s helped me overcome many challenges including distractions and decision fatigue, and maintain consistency despite undergoing massive changes in my personal life.

The first half of 2019 has been one of the biggest periods of personal growth in my adult life, and Alicia was a significant contributor to this.
— Tara F.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn and practice in Mindset Mastery:

  • Why “just think positive” is harmful advice and what you should be thinking instead

  • The surprisingly fast and easy action steps that bring ongoing joy and fulfillment into your life, not just short-term happiness (it’s time for you to get off the hamster wheel of buying or earning your happiness—you can get it for free, without a lot of work, and make it last)

  • Why perfectionism is toxic and what you need to replace it with

  • An unexpected technique stolen from video games you can use to lower your anxiety and increase your willpower and resilience

  • Why I wholeheartedly believe the “backwards” idea that rest and play are productive rather than unproductive

Here’s what can happen when you change your mindset to let go of the stress in your life:

Your support has meant the world to me. You truly have changed my life. You have helped me to see my potential and growth and all the progress I have made. You have helped me to develop a more positive mindset and outlook on so many things. I have never felt better about myself.
— Alison F.

Your success depends on whether you have a mindset that breeds inconsistency, fear, and giving up

…or promotes consistency, courage, and resilience.


You know that person that seems to really have their life together and excels at everything they do? They’re in great shape, they have tons of friends and a beautiful partner that they’re always going on vacation with, are constantly getting promoted (or maybe running their own business successfully)...

You either hate them or you want to be them. Maybe both.

Especially if you feel like you have wasted potential. You know that you’re smart, talented, and likable. You should be getting ahead. And you could, if only you could get yourself to work harder and put yourself out there more.

So what’s the difference between being a high achiever and being stuck?

Your mindset. It’s your thoughts and your beliefs.

Your thoughts and beliefs are what control your behavior. Every action that you take, you do because it originated with a thought. Every action that you consider but don’t take is something that you talked yourself out of in your mind.

Your mindset is the foundation of everything you do.

And your mindset is within your control. 

You’re probably either crushed or thrilled to learn this.

It’s hurtful to hear because if you’re constantly giving up on yourself, it means the problem is you. 

But it’s exciting because you can train yourself to think in new ways that support consistency, courage, and resilience.


You can develop all of the skills you need to be a high achiever and to start completing your goals rather than giving up on them.

The first step on the path to mastering your mindset is this:


Your ego needs to stop feeling butthurt long enough for you to take responsibility for where you are.


That responsibility includes acceptance for where you are and action toward where you want to be.

Mindset Mastery is a course for you if you want to learn and practice things like:

  • Why habits aren’t the answer to automating your behavior (but rituals are)

  • The type of mindset you need to tackle any obstacle…and the one you need to bounce back from any failure (if you learn these two mindsets you will become an unstoppable force)

  • How to work more efficiently by training your focus (this type of training will work even if you have an attention disorder)

  • How confidence and courage are related—and why you want one but not the other

  • 3 dead-simple steps to eliminate procrastination (the first one is the most important but nearly EVERYONE who teaches about procrastination leaves it out)

What might happen if you took responsibility and practiced acceptance and action? Catherine can tell you:

You have helped me change my mindset from fear to acceptance by being really specific about what we are doing and why, by listening to me which builds trust between us and helps me to make that shift to acceptance.

All of that is empowering which gives me ownership, another very motivating element that keeps me engaged and positive.
— Catherine G.

Hold up. Mindset Mastery is not for everyone. 

You should NOT book a call if:

  • You’re looking to be spoon-fed solutions. I’m giving you everything I’ve got. I’m giving you reading material, a community, and personal attention each week. If you’re not willing to do a few weekly exercises, this is not the course for you.

  • You’re looking for a quick fix. Although I can promise that we can make some solid headway, I cannot fix all your problems in 4 months. Additionally, your mindset takes maintenance. You cannot expect to work for 16 weeks and then go back to what you’re doing now and expect your results to magically stick around.

  • You’re not willing to get on the phone once a week. Look, this course is based on weekly video calls. I guarantee you this is the best way for us to uncover and investigate your needs and to create a rock-solid, supportive relationship so that you can learn the most from me and experience the most growth. (And I’m not scary, I promise.)




Q: What makes Mindset Mastery special?

A: Mindset Mastery covers every concept you need to know to become consistent, courageous, and resilient so that you can stick to your goals and fulfill your potential, without wasting years of your time wading through information and attempting to apply it.

We’ll be working face-to-face (well, screen-to-screen) to create an ultra-personalized experience, and address your unique needs, with a high level of accountability. In addition to one-on-one time, you’ll be a part of a private forum to receive support from your peers, and gain additional experience in watching how they solve similar problems.

The material is in a condensed, organized, and progressive course for an efficient learning experience. Everything we cover is backed by science so that you’re learning proven methods rather than wasting your time on tools that might work. You’ll be taking action on the concepts we cover through weekly Quests to get immediate results and make lasting changes. 

Q: I’ve used an online coach before, but it was a lot less money. Why are you so expensive?

A: Most online coaching will offer you a once weekly email check-in with your coach. Mindset Mastery is a course, so you will receive written (digital) materials, access to an exclusive group, unlimited access to me, and most importantly, weekly video calls. The video calls are one of the primary ways in which I can guarantee your success. The calls alone are worth $350/month. So really, you should be asking why this is so cheap.

Q: Okay, okay. Why is this so cheap?

A: This is the first time I’m running Mindset Mastery. I’m offering the students who take advantage of this a one-time discounted rate for being a part of the pilot crew. Neither the course nor my one-on-one coaching will ever be offered at a rate this low ever again.

Q: You’ve been my nutrition coach before, how is this different?

A: Hello, friend! This is quite different from Stronger U. With SU, the backbone of our relationship is email. With Mindset Mastery, it’s video calls that serve as our weekly check-ins, so you will be receiving longer, more in-depth personal attention from me

Something that’s similar: in MM you’ll have weekly assignments to complete much in the same way that in SU your aim each week is to plan and hit your macros. 

In SU, we may have touched on some mindset concepts if I thought they would be personally relevant to work on with you, but with MM, we are approaching your mindset in a more structured way, with weekly units on different topics to cover everything you need to thrive and succeed with goal achievement. This is simply not the aim of SU nor is it feasible for me to include this level of detail in a nutrition coaching setting.

Q: When does it start?

A: We will chat on the phone between Tuesday, September 10th and Tuesday, September 24th. The course will officially begin on Monday, September 30th.

Q: I don’t have a lot of free time. How long will this take?

A: Each week you will receive several Quests. I’ve timed each of the weekly Quests so that you don’t have more than an hour’s worth of work per week. Our weekly calls will be an hour. So figure in two hours per week, plus about 10 minutes or so to get through the reading materials.

Q: I’m new to this mindset stuff. Can I still do it?

A: Absolutely. There are no prerequisites.

Q: What if I've tried to change my mindset before and failed?

A: That’s all the more reason to join. Here’s why: between the concepts you’ll learn, one-on-one problem-solving with me, group support, and massive accountability, we’ll not only figure out where you went wrong in the past, you’ll learn how to overcome failures on your own in the future.

Q: What will happen when I complete Mindset Mastery?

A: Where do I begin? Depending on your goal, you will either complete it during our time together, or you will feel equipped to complete it on your own without worrying that you will quit, because you’ll learn the components of successful behavior change—most importantly, courage, consistency, and resilience. You’ll understand the various different mindsets that contribute to grit, confidence, success, and fulfillment, and how to cultivate them. Any of the exercises that we complete throughout the course are ones that you can complete on your own to continue developing a powerful, limitless mindset to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Q: My willpower/motivation/consistency sucks. Can I get my money back if I quit?

A: No. I have included every tool in my toolbox to ensure that not only do you not quit, you will feel noticeably more confident in consistency and resilience, and understand how to manipulate your willpower and motivation. Since consistency is one of the backbones of this course, I would not be serving you if I gave you an out. 

Q: Can I get my money back if it doesn’t work?

A: See above regarding quitting partway. However, if you finish every Quest in the course and haven’t noticed any results, sure, I’ll give you ever penny back. And I say that with confidence because I know there’s no way you will go through this course and not improve.

Q: Why should I invest in Mindset Mastery?

A: If you’ve been reading my emails for any length of time, it’s a safe bet that consistency, courage, and resilience are things that you struggle with. Which, honestly, is perfectly normal. Millions of people struggle with these traits.

But struggling with them means you’re not flourishing, you’re not growing at the rate you desire, and you feel stuck when it comes to becoming the person you wish to be.

Over the past decade I’ve turned myself into a human guinea pig on a mission to figure this stuff out so that I could build the life I wanted, and become an ever-improving version of myself.

In recent years I’ve been sharing what worked for me with my fitness and nutrition coaching clients to help them achieve their goals more efficiently and maintain them. 

Now with Mindset Mastery I’m able to help anyone who struggles with consistency, courage, and resilience, regardless of their goals, to learn these traits once and for all. As I shared at the beginning of this page, learning how to wield these traits has had an immeasurable positive impact, and it scares me to imagine where I’d be without them.

So, if YOU want to learn these traits for yourself, this is your chance. The link is below.